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Unique Places to Take Your Jewish Match Out On a Date

May 18th, 2015 Saw You At Sinai

The one thing you want to make sure you get right when you are taking your new match out on a date is where to take them. You don’t want to end up doing something boring, or tired, or uncomfortable because then you might not get a second chance! The old adage goes “location, location, location” and in this case that’s exactly what you’re going for!

Everyone does the old go out for dinner and a movie routine, but that’s old and boring. There’s not enough time to sit down for a long meal and how can you get to know someone by sitting in a dark and crowded theatre?

Here are a few suggestions to have a fun and different time on a date:

Pretending to be “tourists” – what better way to break the ice then getting “lost” somewhere familiar with someone new. You can go to all of the places you always wanted to but never got a chance to and see what your date is in to.

An arcade date – it’s a great way to spend time doing a bunch of little things. Shooting hoops, playing air hockey and beating high scores in games is a fun way to spend and evening and who knows, maybe you can make a friendly wager on who buys the pizza for the next date.

Games – everyone loves an old fashioned board game! Whether it’s playing backgammon, a card game or whatever, it’s a fun way to hang out. Go to a nice park, bring some snacks and play away! Don’t get too competitive though.

So the next time SawYouAtSinai finds you a wonderful match, make sure you take these suggestions and have a great date. Become a member at SawYouAtSinai and our professional matchmakers will set you up, but it is up to you to knock your date off their feet!

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