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Jewish Dating Tips: Wrinkles You Can Get Rid Of Easily!

May 5th, 2016 Blog Writer

By The Shidduch Photographer

Wrinkles You Can Get Rid Of Easily! No, Not THOSE Wrinkles.

As we have stressed repeatedly: a photograph captures just one instant in time and immortalizes it. This makes it important to get all the details right in that instant.

One of the things that can easily happen to ruin a photograph is that the subject can move and introduce wrinkles into their previously wrinkle­free clothing. Even though these are wrinkles from the way the subject is positioned, and not actually wrinkled clothing, in a still photograph, they just look like wrinkles.

Even though Breindel’s shirt isn’t wrinkled, wrinkles do momentarily appear as Breindel moves around. In real life, our brains process all of this motion and come to the conclusion, “The shirt is not wrinkled.” However, this moment is examined on its own on a photograph, therefore it would appear that Breindel is wearing a wrinkled shirt and it would be a distraction in the image and make viewers wonder why Breindel dressed so sloppily.

This is why it is important to pose and groom oneself even for a “candid” photograph.

To make sure your profiles don’t mar your appearance with these kind of wrinkles, make sure your photographer is watching for wrinkles each time they take a photo. Or have a second person standing by to smooth out your clothing after each change of pose.

Jewish Singles Profile No Wrinkles

Jewish Singles Profile Photo No Wrinkles

Jewish Singles Profile Photo with wrinkles

Jewish Singles Profile Photo with Wrinkles

****Blog by Breindel and Eric.  They are the founders of, a photography service that specializes in improving your shidduch photos, using Staged to Look Natural™ Photography. Both of them work together during photo sessions to make sure you feel your best, so that you look your best.

Breindel and Eric are happy to give you advice about your Saw You At Sinai profile photos. Please email any photos you would like us to look at to


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