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What Matters in a Long Term Relationship?

June 9th, 2015 SawYouAtSinai

Many dating programs, such as Tinder, focus on finding shallow, short term dates. To satisfy this, all the singles really need to do is find a member with a really pretty profile picture who lives nearby. However, matchmaking sites like SawYouAtSinai or apps like JBolt aim to find relationships that will work well in the…
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Daniel Feldman (Los Angeles, California)
Samantha Minkus (Tucson (Moving to LA), Arizona)

Joel Palmer (Edgware, Middlesex)
Rachel Hamilton (Hendon, London)

Ory Egoz (Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv)
Efrat Alon (Jerusalem, Jerusalem)

Eliezer Reuben (Spring Valley, New York)
Joann Drasnin (Oak Park, Michigan)

Ayal Steinberg (Woodmere, New York)
Sara Rosengarten (East Brunswick, New Jersey)

Aryeh Wizman (Monsey, New York)
Ilana Wiesenfeld (New York, New York)

Harold Dukes (Jerusalem, Jerusalem)
Sabena Basch (Jerusalem, Jerusalem)

Michael Balsam (Jerusalem, Jerusalem)
Ariella Prize (Jerusalem, Jerusalem)